Pre-Sale and Requests

Pre-Sale:  If you have ordered a pre sale item you will receive an email when the item arrives and it will be shipped to you asap. If you have other items in your order please contact us to notify if you would like these shipped before the pre sale item arrives. Pre sale items will usually have a time frame listed for arrival but please note this is only an estimate and shipping can take considerably longer during busy periods. 


Out-of-Stock items:  At times items shown on the website are out of stock.   Please notify us when this happens to the products you need as we can most likely get you the product within a few weeks.  Email with the details of your desired order.  


Requests:  Still can't find what you need?  Do we have a product listed on our site, but it's not in the right color? Do you have a picture in your head of a product that should exist but it doesn't?  Let us know!  We can probably get you what you need way faster than you think.  Email and describe the details of your request.  Even if something doesn't exist, the more requests we get the faster we can get someone to create it.